To My Mother: A Very Special Lady

Strong winds had blown away youthful dreams
While angry waves tossed her out on the dangerous rock 
But through all the tempest, she coped well, it seems
For she comes from very tough survivalist stock.

Her life's road was hard, for as a victim of her times
She endured both Depression and that terrible war
Her dear daddy fought Hitler so he'd pay for his crimes
While the sad teenage girl couldn't take anymore.

Running off to a world filled with operas and books
She cherished the friends made from turning each page
Not feeling she had much when it came to her looks
Lost in arias, she envisioned herself on the stage.

When her beloved father returned, she wept for years lost
When she knew not whether he was living or dead
He told her what four years of fighting had cost.
Thought against instant replay, choosing jokes again.

All the years spent as loving wife and dear mother
Could never prepare her for what was to be
She was left on her own with a pain like no other
A way out of depression, she just couldn't see.

But that feisty survivor, well, she fooled them all
Re-awakening and realising she had a purpose in life
She opened her heart and down came the wall
I looked at her amazing sweet face; no pain or strife.

To a very sweet and beautiful mother

Love forever and ever.

Jane 1997

I wrote this heartfelt poem for my dear mother years ago
There was still a lot of turmoil to come
But in the end, love and compassion won out.


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