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It was as if Benjamin Black was targeted from the beginning of the school year as "The Weird & Wonderful Village Idiot" Actually, he was the first "lucky Kid" to win this ugly and sadistic title. Yes, these individuals were the cream of the crop----bullies who had had three years of practise and had honed their "craft" just like knife-sharpeners. "Hey, Benny Boy, we all hate your perverted ass and it's just a matter of time before we'll give you what you deserve. Tell your parents and teachers any of this and we'll go after your tail-wagging sister and brothers. Get it, freak? You will never see the light of day for singing like a canary. Trust me: We don't make empty threats. Faggot."

Benjamin walked the remaining two miles from the school to his home with his head bowed. He was certain that those four bullies would end up killing him. They'd already made every aspect of his life a living hell,  even going so far as break…

Cracks In the Sidewalk Become Gaping Holes---Part One

Dear Neil

I realise that we haven't been in contact for a very long time and I want to apologise for that. It's just that my life has become, well, let's say complicated. The last time we were together, I was having some trouble staying on the rails, so to speak. I broke up with my boyfriend, because I was sick and tired of having him calling me a "fat cow" "a stupid, useless waste of space" and his favourite, "You're so fat that when you run, you leave holes in the sidewalks." Great guy. I hear he has another girlfriend already. I hope he's not abusive to her, but the old adage, "A tiger never changes its stripes."

Anyway, after that nightmare, I moved in with my parents again. Can you believe it?? You know that you might as well declare yourself an utter failure when that happens. I mean, I'm twenty-five years old with no job, no money and I have now set myself up for constant and unrelenting humiliation. Pathetic or wh…