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Free At Last: AKA Liberation Day

You took quite a chance by coming out, Neil.
Homophobia isn't going away any time soon.
They want to pull you back. Control how you feel.
Don't let them. Don't be afraid to play your own tune.

Though lot of your friends will be relieved.
Life won't be easy. Just hold your head high.

Knowing some idiots will feel quite deceived.
You'll see your new inner peace reach the sky.

I knew a young man I worked with last year,
Was determined that he could turn himself straight.
I know all about the trepidation and fear
But, let me tell you--You'll be consumed by self-hate.

Eventually, living a sham will get the better of you.
You'll be tired and depressed from playing a part.
Believe me, I know very well what all this can do.
Discarding a life of deception's a good start.