Ode To the Phantom Clarinet Player

My beloved father passed away on August 31st, 2014. Although nearly four years have come and gone since that heartbreaking day, it still seems as if it were yesterday. Dad was a heavy smoker, but had quit in 1986 cold turkey. We didn't realise that the damage had already been done until he started having trouble breathing. He was hospitalised for the first time seven years ago, but had rallied. He had to wear a B Pap at night, which consisted of an oxygen mask leading to a devise that pumped oxygen into his lungs. Things seemed to have stabilised and our lives went back to normal.

In the summer of 2014, I moved in with my dad to look after him, as he was having breathing problems again. We had grown very close during those weeks. I slept on his very comfortable couch. One morning, I awakened early, feeling something was very wrong. I rushed into his bedroom and found him on the floor, struggling to breathe. I called 911, the paramedics arrived and I took a cab to meet them all at t…

Back On Track

There's something I want to talk about and now is likely the best time. Some of you believe that this blog is too sad. Well, life isn't supposed to be solely pathos or only humour.  You'll find that this blog is a balanced mixture.  Isn't that a reality? It would be an unlivable way to sail through the short time we are all here on this earth, existing in a permanent state of happiness or despair. Having said that, it's a project near and dear to my heart. And my video is almost finished. It's taken two years and it will either be roaring success or a dismal failure.  Time will tell.

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