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I Have A Translating Feature

As I have written about those of you who speak foreign languages. Where are you all from? It must be frustrating to read English posts only.  Put answers in Comments.

So far I've translated from English to:

Czech Republic PSB fans                                   

Spanish PSB fans

Russian PSB fans

Dutch PSB fans

Norwegian PSB fans

Polish PSB fans

French PSB fans

I'm sure there are more.

Illusion & Reality

THIS IS JUST A TEST. If this had been an actual emergency, you'd be instructed to turn to your local TV station....what was that? You mean this actually IS an emergency? Are you sure? What's the nature of....What is Washington doing about this? I'm assuming this is pertaining to some heavy weather alerts? Hello? Is anybody there? Damn, I see I'm still on the air. Don't panic anyone.  I'm certain that this emergent situation is nothing to fret about. There's no way in hell that we're under attack by North Korea. They've been trying to lob one over here for several years now. Feel free to call if you have any concerns

Neil was online watching this mess on CNN unfold. That clueless announcer needs to go off the air before he orchestrates a mass panic. He's inept at his job and it surprised Neil that he had managed to keep it for five years. 

Suddenly, the President of the United States, Colin Harbinger, came on, looking like someone who had peered in…

Yet Another Bizzare Collection Of Pet Shop Boys Pictures & Comments