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Do you hear that pitiful scream?
Or did it fly in and out of your ears again?
This dangerous dance we've been
Doing has worn out your welcome                 

Tired and disappointed.
Disillusioned--I'd have to be
The definition of wool-pulling
To have any compassion left for you.

Twisted and matted: Your heart's
Been in need of washing out by now
And stop the doe-eyed manipulation.
You need to learn, once and for all

That the world doesn't like to be tamed.
For years and years, I looked after you
Was tied up for years and years.
So what can you offer me? Nothing.

Self-absorbed---but not letting anything
Sink in. You're not a stupid person.
You simply lost the plot and now
That brittle landscape's already turned yellow.

After staring at his reflection in disgust and hatred

Neil grabbed a large rock and pitched it
Into that reviled and despised object of rage
Having done so. he then shattered into a thousand pieces

Leaving the mirror smugly intact.