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Neil & Chris Find Themselves Surrounded By A Smorgasbord From Hell


Donald Trump Wins The Race For the Presidency And the World Is Stunned & Traumatized

I don't understand how a billionaire reality showman can run a first world country like America, particularly since he can barely run his own life. Three wives, going broke twice and so incredibly shallow. Not to mention a billionaire who gives less to charity than any rich man or woman. But hey, you voted him in, so I guess you're stuck with him.

Now that the most ludicrous choice for an American President, has unleashed the overt racist faction on the world --a buffoon with more money than brains-----the truly bizarre (this has to be some colossal joke, right?) Donald Trump. Yes, this is a former reality show host with mega-bucks who was outed by The Smoking Gun (an online site for uncovering material that can be and often is bogus , fabricated or out and out false--remember that scandal with author James Frey, author of an autobiography, A Million Little Pieces and was found to have embellished some of the book's content and  had lied to his readers?) 

 This started an av…

Seinfeld & the Pet Shop Boys: Such A Winning Combination

Anyone familiar with the groundbreaking TV series that ran from 1989 to 1998 entitled "Seinfeld?"

It starred the incredible talents of Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David  and the proof that "a show about nothing" would actually fly. Obviously it surpassed everyone's expectations. The cast (Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, playing a woman named Elaine Benes ,Jason Alexander  as George Costanza and Michael Richards as the wild and crazy Cosmo Kramer.) Jerry Seinfeld portrayed himself, obviously. Without going on and on about how hopeless the four of these New York characters come across, I'll get right to the insanity:

One particular episode was about masturbation. The four of them decided to have a contest, the winner being the contestant who could hold out the longest from self-gratification. I was laughing my head off at the incident where George was home alone at his parents place (he was unemployed at the time) and picked up an issue of Glamour magazine…

Suburban Wasteland: Original Poems & Haiku

Tearing At the Seams 

Haunted one
Wearing a bodice full
Of sharp and angry buttons

They enclose you completely
Holding sweet mortal painm
Close to your swollen chest.

Struggling to free yourself
But the outer cas