Donald Trump Wins The Race For the Presidency And the World Is Stunned & Traumatized

I don't understand how a billionaire reality showman can run a first world country like America, particularly since he can barely run his own life. Three wives, going broke twice and so incredibly shallow. Not to mention a billionaire who gives less to charity than any rich man or woman. But hey, you voted him in, so I guess you're stuck with him.

Now that the most ludicrous choice for an American President, has unleashed the overt racist faction on the world --a buffoon with more money than brains-----the truly bizarre (this has to be some colossal joke, right?) Donald Trump. Yes, this is a former reality show host with mega-bucks who was outed by The Smoking Gun (an online site for uncovering material that can be and often is bogus , fabricated or out and out false--remember that scandal with author James Frey, author of an autobiography, A Million Little Pieces and was found to have embellished some of the book's content and  had lied to his readers?) 

 This started an avalanche and Frey's reputation was ruined. Well, TSG went after Trump and appears not to give to any of it, or very little, to charity. I remembered an interview that was hosted by Diane Sawyer. This was years ago, when The Donald first appeared in the media following a People magazine's article with good old money banks that landed on the cover: "Donald Trump Is Too Darned Rich. all he had given to various needy causes was a skating rink for inner city kids in New York City. Big whoops there, Mr. President. "A Fool & His Money Are Soon Parted" But not for this cheapskate. 
He's at least in the top five.

The world reacts to the Trump victory 

This poor excuse for a leader is driving your 
already fractured country to rack and ruin . He seems to think he's back doing that reality show, "The Apprentice" that ran for more seasons than it deserved. Those who aren't familiar with this glorified game show, what it basically did was pit a group of hopeful contestants against one another in often strange activities like running a lemon-aid stand. Well, you get the idea. At the end of the show, they all gathered in a dark briefing room to see who got kicked out. The mantra was geared to make the contestants rabid: "Up to the suite or down to the street." Moving along. The Big Cheese had to fire one after they all made their proof that they will work with their "saviour". Fire one of the hopefuls. "Hey, Donald, you can't carry that mindset over to your Presidency: Firing the FBI and countless other government strongholds is NOT the way to lead a first world country, sir. You are swimming in shark-infested water and have shown both your fellow Americans and the world at large that you are so far from equipped to make the decisions that could get us all killed it's quite disturbing. Is there any way to go forward and impeach this inept reality show leader before he does something horrible?

Barack Obama was quoted the other day as saying "all the racist people in America voted for Donald Trump" and he's been proven to be right on the money. (pun intended)


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