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"Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night: Rage, Rage Against the Dying Of the Light" ---Dylan Thomas, 1914 - 1953


Suburban Blight: Where All Hope Is Lost

Crossing the threshold from sublime to unhinged.
Slipping on shards of broken mirrors and falling hard
On your unenlightened prejudice and condemnation.
We're not criminals.  We don't belong in your cages.                  

The stigma is overwhelming. Fools stare at us through bars.
We are not side show freaks.  But your morbid fascination
Is keeping us prisoner. Do you realise this?
Look at yourself in an intact mirror before shattering it.

Perhaps this generation will see past the unfounded hate.
Anti-bullying is all the rage. Teenage suicide is front page news.
How would you cope with the mental disintegration
Of your child, should he or she plunge into a psychotic hell?

This is a problem compounded by a technological boom.
Children get sucked into a dark vortex.  Overwhelmed
Social media is quickly deeming parents obsolete.
Love squelched, sexual predators lurk in chatrooms.

Pretending the world isn't in a downward spiral
Your mother and father will no longer protect…

A Little Levity To Prove I Have A (Albeit Quirky) Sense of Humour

\and Chris were listening to the hit songs of 2002 and when our pride from \Napanee Ontario, Avril Lavigne, who wowed everyone when her hit record, Let Go chararged up the charts when she was just 17. Here's what Neil and Chris were not exactly enamoured with her at all. Chris hates her, Neil couldn't understand why Avril Lavigne's album was  big hit in the UK. She's ghastly. We usually don't have that sort of Bollocks, do we?" There was more in the article, but I think we shouldn't bash the poor girl.