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A Selection Of Photos As A Kind Of Pet Shop Boys Tapestry


In Actuality

In Actuality: The Annual East Enders Fan Club Magazine Finn and Malcolm are being interviewed by a journalist  with Tiger Beat, an American publication aimed at teenage girls. Neither of them were exactly thrilled about the legitimacy of this publication, but duty called: Ron Millman (interviewer): So, the two of you have taken the pop world by storm, haven’t you? What does it feel like?
Finn Beatty: I suppose it’s a trip being recognized wherever we go, but then there’s the negative aspect of fame.
RM: You aren’t comfortable with success on this stratospheric level, am I hearing that correctly? Malcolm Johns: Yes.  I believe you’ve described our dilemma succinctly. Sometimes I wish that we could turn back the clock and be just two ordinary blokes, but that isn’t possible in real life.
RM: (brief pause as he rearranges himself in his leather chair). Okay, we’ve got that covered. Now, Finn, you and Malcolm just came together as a kind of pop big bang. Would that be fair to say? Like …

Some Fresh Pictures Of the Boys


My New Pet Shop Boys Message Forum

Some Original Songs By the East Enders

Alan, I overheard you talking on the phone
And was just appalled by what I was hearing.                                          
I feel as though my heart  turned to stone.
Assure me that you are not what I'm fearing

You asked why I'm so enraged
It's as plain as the nose on your face.
The two of you aren't even engaged
You're nothing but a public disgrace.

I'm worn thin with your drama queen stuff
How many times can you embarrass us all?
You need to  know we've had quite enough
Find somewhere else to live and don't stall.

You act as if you were born yesterday
Stomping your feet and creating a scene
You cannot hide now. Social media's at play
Just turn off your webcam. Wipe your life clean.

Okay, now you must know what I've been saying.
I've been talking of your liberation from pain.
Your partners aren't helping. This price you are paying
Will only hurt you and watch as you circle the drain.

Sensation: A Novel-In-Progress

It actually seemed like a very promising idea at the time of its conception.  However, both young Brits facilitated a heady project that would catapult them from relative obscurity and endless, soul-sucking ennui. Who could have imagined in their wildest dreams, that the rather bizarre combination of an English professor and a young fellow bouncing from one dead end job to another, always searching for that ONE profession from which he could gather even one modicum of self-worth would quite probably be their ticket to superstardom. So instead of the constant ridicule (“Hey, sod off, fricken’ fruit”, (“Hey, we know you don’t like girls!”) and perhaps worst of all, (“You do know that you perverts are all going to hell. Did you know that and if so, why the hell doesn’t scare the living daylights out of you?”) There are scores to add to this sordid roster and those who know firsthand didn’t need to be apprised.

These constant battering slurs had taken their toll on both young men, beginni…

Today's Music, Sexuality Etc.

Living In the Past                   

 I thought I had all the answers
 And that I was some sort of god
Thinking I could cure life's cancers
What an arrogant, pitiful sod.

Invisibility hides all the pain
Anger's taken over my mind
My self-esteem's down the drain
I now see the world as unkind.

This is a self-pity wallow
I know I swim in a tepid pool
My heartbeats are quite hollow
I should have stayed in school

But it's too late for dreaming
Reality slaps me hard in the face
I could kick myself for seeming
To be in my rightful place.

So what's so great about music now?
Most of it really grates on my nerves
All my music gods are now sacred cows.
I'm still not sure what purpose they serve.

So here I am living in the past.
Memories and all that crap.
When will genuine talent win out at last?

----lonelyheroine 2019

  Bring Back the Talent

Is that too much to ask?
This riotous noise is driving me mad
It will be a very formidable task
And that, abov…

The Scourge Of AIDS: I Was Hoping It Was Just Bad Dream

The AIDS pandemic has changed everything on the landscape dramatically,  The world is forever spinning closer and closer to the sun, metaphorically speaking. There was now no safe sex. Everyone had to use condoms, once only as a defence against unwanted pregnancy and now, it's essential.

   The Architects Of An Unsteady World

Your pain is overwhelming you.
To the point where you cannot
And will not vanquish this millstone

That is crushing your self-esteem.

The gifted, kindly
And compassionate souls
 Are the ones who pay the heavy price
Of being different. It's been going. Forever.         

But, you knew that millstone existed

All too well

That hatred and bigotry have accelerated
To the point where an apex has been reached.

We love you. And that love carries no expiry date
Unlike many others, only hanging around you
Because you're famous. Those  talons
Are  squeezing you like the jaws of death

So eager to draw celebrity blood from
Just about everyone whose faces
Are tattoo…