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Children On the Pathway To Utopia

I suppose I should not complain. Nobody forced me to open up
I accomplished that feat and am now reaping the field with my teeth
Please, you don't need to let yourself cave in an ideology long revealed.
If we weaken now, we might as well guzzle that grape juice. Swallowing

The Jonestown Flavour Aid and letting that rictus grin tear your body apart.
In the real Jonestown, 909 blindly brainwashed members gave poisoned milk
To infants, murdered as the Minotaur spewed paranoid ramblings, a drug addled
Sociopath, "Don't lie down with tears and agony. Die with dignity."

If we can't live in peace, we'll die in peace."
A man with Satan in his heart and sadistic hedonism. Not your Saviour.
Remember that. Do not let charismatic junkies lead you into the shadow of death
There will be nothing left. Just tons and tons of rotting meat."

Wouldn't you be outraged to hear your dead friends and family being described as "rotting meat?"

That's quite …

A Razor Blade Opera

                On the Cutting Edge Of Pretension 

It never fails to give me an excuse to be catty 

In fact, you're the number one choice                                      Pools of liquid shame
If you dare claw up our former love nest                                Children frolic in the waves I'll come back and smack you in the face.                               Choking on the waste. Did I hurt your poor little feelings? Your voice has many tiny razor-like talons That puncture your lies.  You've been betrayed.                   You claimed you were perfection personified.
But like those starving little girls you love 
You will never win--never be a professor
And as your paper mache world
Is tossed nonchalantly into the fire.
I give up.  Just keep pretending
That you're worth an intervention
Frankly, you are beyond redemption
Not even a corrupted priest will touch you.


 I hear and see som…