Children On the Pathway To Utopia

I suppose I should not complain. Nobody forced me to open up
I accomplished that feat and am now reaping the field with my teeth
Please, you don't need to let yourself cave in an ideology long revealed.
If we weaken now, we might as well guzzle that grape juice. Swallowing

The Jonestown Flavour Aid and letting that rictus grin tear your body apart.
In the real Jonestown, 909 blindly brainwashed members gave poisoned milk
To infants, murdered as the Minotaur spewed paranoid ramblings, a drug addled
Sociopath, "Don't lie down with tears and agony. Die with dignity."

If we can't live in peace, we'll die in peace."
A man with Satan in his heart and sadistic hedonism. Not your Saviour.
Remember that. Do not let charismatic junkies lead you into the shadow of death
There will be nothing left. Just tons and tons of rotting meat."

Wouldn't you be outraged to hear your dead friends and family being described as "rotting meat?"

That's quite a living hell, isn't it? Now, there is a reason why I've taken you all on that happy little romp. Since this blog concerns the Pet Shop Boys, they factor into a story using this seemingly bizarre storyline. Of course, I won't be using any real cults and the subject matter won't be as lurid as The Guyana 909 Show. Enough of my time-wasting monologue rife with verbal diarrhea, sarcasm (my personal favourite)  and pretentiousness.  Here we go:


                      Just Check Your Rational Mind At the Door   

Neil was very unhappy these days. His favourite uncle had just died and left a huge gap in his life. He`d also just broken up with his lover--it was a terrible, messy war of words that would stay with him until he was able to forgive--not forget, mind you. That wasn't going to happen anytime soon. So Neil felt justified to do some self-pity wallowing. At least for a couple of days.

As he was leaning over a guard rail. It may look as though he was going to jump. He wasn't of course. If he were ever to take his life, he would never leave a bloody mess on the sidewalk.  One must have a more private suicide unless the obsession with leaving your squelched body as a final attention gesture. Going out with a bang and a way to stick the "guilt" knife into the bad guy's gut is an art.  Just then, a young couple, approached Neil,  They seemed happy and outgoing, but their body language showed a subtle haziness and a strange blankness in their eyes. Neil was pretty good when it came to sizing people up. Most of the time, that is--except as far as he could ascertain, this young couple were just being friendly and so, Neil let his guard down. This would prove to be a very big mistake.

"Hello." Both of them smiled with empty eyes. "We've been keeping an eye on you for the past week or so."

Neil responded, with a sharp edge of fear and anger in his voice. "Why on earth would you be doing that? Spying?  Morbidly curious?"

It was the young woman's time to chime in. "We're sorry. I can understand why you are apprehensive. We never see you with any friends."

"That's really none of your business" Neil replied. "Now if you don't mind, I'l be on my way."

"That's your choice. But then, you will miss out joining our special community. Don't you want a more fulfilling life than wandering around alone?"

"I already have a life. It may not be the greatest, but it's familiar." Neil kept wondering why he was engaging in conversation with these people at all. "So I would appreciate it if you would just go back wherever you came from and find someone else more compliant."

But the annoying couple weren't going anywhere. They just stood there with those spacey expressions on their faces. They were as bad as the Jehovah Witnesses, always trying to push their bizarre religion on anyone unfortunate to engage in conversation with them. But these two made the JW's look like rank amateurs.

"What are your names?" Neil wasn't really very curious, but it might be in his best interests to listen to their super salesman-like crowing and hear them out.  After all, what harm could be done?  At least they're not after cash donations.

"I'm Mary and this is Joshua." And another desert-dry and very wide-eyed chimed in. "Now you tell us yours." His voice had a flat affect, much more so than Mary's somewhat immature gabbing.

"My name is Neil. And I really need to get going. It was nice meeting the two of you."

He turned and began walking down the street, but was thwarted by Mary and Joshua. "Please don't leave now. There's a lot left for us to tell you." Joshua seemed close to tears. Mary was equally intense. It will only take a half hour of so."

This couple weren't letting up with their aggressiveness and super sales pitch without a proverbial fight. Neil looked at his watch and told the couple he was meeting someone for lunch and was already late.

"Ok. I'll stay here with you two, but only if you'll let me go on my way right afterward."

Neil never did get to meet his friend at the bistro. Mary left briefly and returned driving a van, and it was a pretty strange choice for a vehicle.  It was covered in symbols, crude pictures that looked like untalented graffiti that a child would use to "decorate" the van. "Just what are you doing now?" Neil was getting angry and intimidated.

Instead of answering,  Mary pulled a burlap sack over his head while Joshua pushed him into the back of the van. Neil, horrified that he was going to pass out from the lack of oxygen and struggled to breathe. He became disoriented and confused. What the hell is going on here? Am I being kidnapped by that pathetic duo? Neil was surprised at his lack of emotion. Anyone else in the same predicament would be just freaking out. He couldn't be more surprised. Or is it the lack of breathing making me giddy?

Realising that those two were ping him, Neil didn't know whether to fight or give in.  And since the battle would most likely fail, given the fact that it was two against one, he stopped struggling. After all, Neil hated violence and preferred talking to fisticuffs. Not to mention he'd at least avoid the probability of being ruffled up and pummeled.

After what seemed an eternity, the three arrived at the community, whose name was emblazoned on a huge sign: The Divine Miracle Workers. Neil thought it was more than a bit pretentious, but wouldn't mention that to Mary and Joshua. Those scary empty eyes, devoid of expressions and any sign of emotional reaction were terrifying. Were they all robbed of their ability to do anything for themselves? Or think straight? Neil knew he couldn't waste any time.

Deciding that he'd just have to go along with these distressingly monotonal individuals, because resisting them at this point wouldn't be in his best interests. Looking around, Neil was taken aback at the impoverished condition of their homes. Little huts, scattered over a large parcel of land, most likely had no running water, nor electricity. Neil had an uneasy feeling that, though this place appeared harmless enough, there was a scary underbelly that rubbed Neil the wrong way. He debated making a run for it, but he had no idea where he was.

It didn't appear that any phones were allowed either. It was as if they eschewed any kind of devices, just like the Mennonites. Was this just some kind of community that preferred not to have anything to do with the rest of society, seeing it as corrupt, frightening and even lethal?

So I sold my freedom and bought a life
of control.
Wasn't that a great thing to do? I'm giddy with joy.
So I won't ever go home. It was really taking its toll
Now I can exist money-free, a mindless young boy.

Someday, I may return to my past life and my friends
Although I'd be giving up a lot of adulation and praise
I'm needed here.  Therefore, my past existence ends
I will remain in Utopia, for the rest of my days.                           

Just then, there was a commotion just out of range
Someone was demanding to see if I'm here.
It was my brother, quite angry and acting strange
Being discovered like this was my ultimate fear.

Apparently, our leader knew just who Rusty was
He sent out two armed cult members to do God knows what
Oh my God! Reality had finally kicked in because
A truly unbreakable bond would never be cut.

Or so Neil thought.  Escape would not be easy.  Nor bloodless.

To Be Continued.




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