Yet Another Bizzare Collection Of Pet Shop Boys Pictures & Comments

This photo reminds me of the time Neil and Chris were being interviewed in China, and Neil forgot the title of their new album, "Behaviour." In the video, Chris on the right and Neil on the left. Oh, and they weren't singing either.

Here's Neil juggling the microphone and singing at the same time.

As you can see, Sting stole the Pet Shop Boys quirky headpiece. Sorry, Sting fans. He didn't come up with the idea. And by the way, you have to be holding a little umbrella.
Here's Neil, confident that he has found the perfect  camouflage if he happens to be in danger while walking around in the forest.
Here's Joan Collins, who starred in an American TV show called "Dynasty." It competed with the very first nighttime Soap Opera to challenge "Dallas," that became a massive hit back in the day. But I digress. I put this here because of Collins' unwittingly appropriate statement to talk about the Pet Shop Boys gem,  "Rent."
Cool shades, Neil.
Here's Neil as a very clueless man about to be run over. 
Here's Chris in one of my favourite pictures
These shiny buttons took me weeks to sew on this jacket. You may recall the man in the Pet Shop Boys' film, "It Couldn't Happen Here?" Well, I pulled this thing off the actor's back. 

Looks as if Neil is ready to take off and fly.

"This has to be a mistake, Chris. I never told anyone the password. So how did anyone manage to break into my account?"

"You never were computer savvy, Neil. And this just proves it."

There is no WAY in hell that dogs are smarter than us cats. I've never heard anything more absurd. 
You don't have to get all huffy, Captain. We apologised for replacing your daily Earl Gray  tea with iced coffee.
My experience with suburban living was nothing like this, unfortunately
You have to admit, that this truly frightening album cover for Pink Floyd's iconic album, "The Wall" is many times worse than Neil yawning on the Pet Shop Boys album, "Actually."

I don't know about you, but Chris and Neil manage to look enough alike to be brothers.  At least I think so.
Do you really want me to sign your arm with permanent ink?" "Are you crazy? It's better than a tattoo and far cheaper than that." Fan  responds to Neil's question.
Here's bashful Neil as an adorable little boy and older sister, Susan.

"I told them my sunglasses were way too small and now I have the proof. Heads are going to roll."
These little guys are just horrified. Out of the mouths of babes.
A wonderful review of Neil and Chris.  I hope you are able to read it. I enlarged it to the maximum size.
I sure wish I knew what these folks are laughing so uproariously at.  Everyone is cracking up. Perhaps some clueless bloke who called Neil and Chris Simon and Garfunkel and requested "Kiss On My List," by Daryl Hall and John Oates.
Too cool for school.
Neil wears the coolest clothes. Particularly his large collection of coats.
Neil explains why "Chris and food is a problem:
I wish he'd just eat it and shut up. He's a fussy foodie."
"Neil, correct me if I'm wrong. Sting got a beautiful rose and we got a bouquet of daisies---wilting daisies yet."  "You're right. But this is a Sting concert after all."
Is he gorgeous or what?
America is really hanging onto their firearms. Now the've recruited nuns for God's sake.

"I hope you took your contact lenses out, Neil."
Avril Lavigne heard that Chris Lowe hates her and Neil Tennant remarked, "We don't have this kind of bollocks here, do we?" I'm guessing she's taking out her frustrations on a poor, defenceless mirror. Doesn't that mean she'll have seven years of bad luck?"
Neil can often be extremely expressive with his eyes. Here's the look of annoyance at someone or something, that royally pissed off.  
As I said before,  Neil has an incredible wardrobe.
This caption is way funnier than the one that accompanies this photo.


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