An Interesting Collection Indeed

This always reminds me of the time, when being interviewed by a Chinese journalist, Neil forgot the name of the album (Behaviour). Hilarious!

Don't Jump!
Well, at least you have a table to sit on, Neil. I have to crouch on the floor.
Great idea, Neil.  My favourite jacket is ruined. Next time, can we do without the red paint.
A lucky fan took this photo.
A very weary cowboy.

I can't have the rain ruin my brand new hairdo
A cool dude indeed

Don't lean back too far, Chris.
That's one happy fan.
Wet and wild.
Good question
Adida shoes. I had a pair back in the day

I hadn't come across this collage before. Some of you likely have. Interesting, to say the least.  Neil at 17, with Neil at 16 or 17 on the right. Quite the metamorphosis in a very short time.


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