I Just Had To Post This Hilarious Comparison

I just couldn't resist. Neil and Patrick Bateman are wearing the same clothes, well, practically. Now I am not in any way claiming their personalities are similar. Let's just say that Bateman wouldn't hesitate to wield his axe and wipe his victim off the face of the earth. Neil, on the other hand is so fussy about keeping clean, whether it's his flat or his wardrobe, that he would never tolerate a bloody mess that Bateman made.

Here we have Neil, with one of those ancient phones and good old Patrick Bateman brandishing a pen.

This is the film where I saw how hot Christian Bale was. Too bad he played a violent Yuppie in the 1980's film, American Psycho.
But not nearly as hot as our Neil.
It seems as though their tailors were separated at birth.

Well, I thought It Was Funny.


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