The Pet Shop Boys' Song & Video, "Together" Should Be Changed To "Flashdance Meets Thelma & Louise"

I realise that many of you will think I've gone completely off the deep end and you are likely correct. However, this is just my interpretation---the song as I hear and read it. And being a writer (a struggling one so far) I like to stretch the imagination and toss some quirkiness into the mix. As anyone who knows me will say, "That Jane sure ain't playing with a full deck" and I have the psychologically addled mind to prove it.

Here are several dancers running through a routine and having the time of their lives. Later on, many other performers join them.

I suppose I should let you know why I have changed the title of the boys' Together for a reason.  For all I know, the lyrics of "Together" aren't about suicide, even though it likely has something to do with it. I'm brazenly coming forth with my own
interpretation. I dont't think Neil and Chris like that, however, but it's always been my experience that songs have more than one meaning and it's up to the listener to use their collective versions. 

Ah, the 80's smash movie about a young woman who works as a welder by day and uses her unique dancing style known as "Flashdancing." The pub is full of noisy patrons telling crude jokes and acting out (the alcohol sold at Mawby's Bar likely played a significant part in it).  Alex Owens was trying to get accepted to Juilliard's dance school----an extremely difficult place to get into.

Fast forward to the wildly successful "Thelma and Louise" film that came out in 1991 and became a classic.  Moving forward, the women are forced to go on the lam when they tussled with a nasty drunkard in the parking lot of the pub they had partied in. They were driving with the police in hot pursuit. A sympathetic detective was trying to get Thelma and Louise to stop running and turn themselves in. Finally, as the women approached the Grand Canyon, Thelma tells Louise that she didn't want to get caught and asks her friend if she wanted to "Just keep going?" So they held hands and their Thunderbird sailed away over the Canyon.  So was it a suicide or was it the two woman taking full control? Some agree  with me and some don't.  

Believe it or not, there is a HUGE difference, in that the young man pounding rocks at the outset of the Together video, was just visualizing the whole thing. There was no stage, no dancing and no budding romance between the  rock pounder and one of the elated dancers.  The ending makes this very clear. I'm not sure why I thought that the illusion and the reality happened, but I believed in Santa Claus until I was eight years old (true) so I'm not the best judge.


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