"You're So Flamboyant"


Looks as if Elton John is strangling Miss Piggy.
A scene from the rock opera, Tommy. Written by The Who and featuring Elton with mile high shoes.
He did love to be in the spotlight--still does.
A bit much, even for him. It looks as if he stole the cashmere coat from some chilly gal who just wanted Elton's autograph (I refuse to see that as made of fur)  Bad Elton.
Here's Neil doing his Carmen Miranda impression. He does justice to a bit of flamboyancy too. 
We were just talking about Miranda. She did know how to light up a room, give her that.  I wonder if those pearls are real. Likely.  She was just adorable. Eyebrows are a bit bizarre, but she somehow makes them work.
Quite original, as there are many impressions of Liza Minnelli and other "gay icons" already.


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