Catholic Delusion---Neil Tennant & Chris Lowe Are Still Confused


Sinking into the life  I thought I craved
It was a huge mistake. Why didn't I follow my instincts?
And why didn't I take your now sadly moot advice?
Paradise was quickly transformed into a frightening sinkhole

Food was bad and scant. We all work for fifteen plus hours
Everyday keeps me so busy. People around me are
Dropping from starvation and the unrelenting
It's Paradise Lost. Why did things go so terribly bad?

Our bizarre captor was drowning in drugs, drinking
And popping mood-altering  tablets leading him into a psychotic
Break from reality.  He droned on every night so sleep was as scarce
As the watery, maggot-infested birds of prey.

Am I able to leave this jungle hell? Will those twisting arms
Snake around me, just like uncontrolled cancer?

Can White Knights arrive magically and save us
From tyranny? Of course it was just a mirage.
Next we earn the sickening act of mass baby killing.
Yes, this was heaven on earth. Well, wasn't it?

I hope someone finds the message
I left on my dead baby's chest
It was all over. Screams of agony
Had finally abated. Just numbing silence remained.

I tipped my glass, lay down beside my little Cain

And joined my comrades in Hell.

It was over.


Many of you reading this will undoubtedly think this work is about the Jonestown Massacre; in which case, you'd be wrong. Things are not necessarily all that they seem in the enticing era of blogs, where anyone and everyone seem to think it's a good idea to spill one's guts until keyboards all over the world are swimming in mucus and stomach bile. This is a bit off topic, however.
You are likely thinking, "What does this dark and foreboding poem have to do with The Pet Shop Boys?" Well, I'll tell you.

Nothing spells the tyranny and oppression of the Reverend Jim Jones like being forced to comply with whatever he tells them to as very similar to the Catholic Church, With  it's constant confessional sessions and overwhelming oppression by the Priests and Nuns who run a very tight ship, using tremendous guilt to keep their Parishioners in line.
This may insult staunch Catholics, who would take offence to this article--but I highly doubt any of them would go looking for potent information on a random blog on the Internet. This article is the introduction to a fictional interpretation in a short story that I hope will open a few eyes.


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