Some Pet Shop Boys Levity To Show I Have A Healthy (Albeit Quirky) Sense Of Humour

Well, I've certainly seen weirder, more outlandish and ridiculous tour riders, but this one, for the boys' Nightlife tour is after my own heart: Lots of alcohol,chocolate, a bowl of fruit and and 1 litre of fruit juice. Now that's my kind of rider!
There's Madonna---front and centre as always
Neil, speaking quickly and urgently "You don't understand. We were supposed to meet up with you five hours ago. It's not as if we have a tight schedule, but this is ridiculous. I have no idea where we are, Chris is getting antsy and if you had any sense of decency then you wouldn't be pulling this crap.  Oh, isn't this Bill Howard? Sorry, I guess I have the wrong number." Neil quickly hung up the phone.
Neil looking happy and contented. A nice change from the ultra-serious face he and Chris favour
I've learned a lot of life's lessons from Bugs Bunny. Here's an example of the cartoon lapin separating Canada from America for the sole reason that Tim Horton's should be and is a Canadian institution and should remain that way. 
One of my absolutely favourite Pet Shop Boys pictures, even with the leather. (PETA will kill me lol)
There's this very odd belief that Neil and Chris took the name Pet Shop Boys from an extremely disturbing practise of stuffing hamsters up one's bottom.
I've heard that Chris is a fan of Pringles crisps
I've never heard about this treat, but it likely tastes better than it looks
Neil and Chris, looking for all the world like high school kids. I wonder if they ever still get carded?
These crazy-eyed devil dolls have scared me for years. If I turn my back, they'd kill me in my sleep
Evidently, this video for Domino Dancing with its not exactly subtle homoerotic overtones got the boys in hot water, In America that is.
Neil looking adorable in this lurid and frightening version of Opportunities
Looking a bit like a young Robert Redford
Even before I saw this gorgeous backside, I'd been an ardent fan of this follically challenged Mr.Clean
It looks as if you're going to take off and fly, Neil
Here's a happy fan sandwiched between Neil and Chris.
That can is bigger than this little fella. In the unlikely event that he's guzzling the real thing it's still better than smoking weed .

OMG. I thought that was a stuffed monkey behind Neil, but it's actually Chris.

I don't think there will be a torrential downpour inside, Neil

Is he gorgeous or what? 

Neil stares at the person taking a picture of the guys and says, "See how busy I am?'

Chris, you keep going about with that silly disco ball. I  think you've milked that edgy look enough

I can't believe that Neil and Chris may have ended up using this as their "Badass" look. 
I enlarged this picture of Neil, so you are more able to see the written words.  Gets pretty personal, I think,  


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